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An Adventure with Ceridwen the Wild Woman of Transformation, With Susan McClellan MA October 28-30, 2011 This is an experiential shamanic event for men and women seeking the deeper wisdom of the feminine soul. In this gathering we will be exploring the Celtic gift of inspiration - the AWEN - given to us by the Welsh myth/legend of Ceridwen goddess of the sickle moon and queen of the harvest. Her journey was that of a wife, mother, magician, alchemist and initiator. Through her journey we get glimpses into the process of individuation, transformation and the inner cycles of death and rebirth. She offers us insight into the mysteries of darkness and light, shape-shifting and giving birth to the unexpected. Please join me on this journey into the mystery and realms of Ceridwen to discover the secret power(s) of the Awen and what they might hold for ourselves and our world. Susan has extensive training in core and cross cultural shamanism and has been initiated into the Celtic and Tibetan traditions. She is a trained shamanic teacher and group facilitator with 15 plus years of experience. Susan’s diverse background, studies and experience offers, richness and depth to her work. Location: Pawlet VT 05761 Fee: $200.00 Times: Friday 7-9 pm; Saturday 10am – 4 pm and 7.30 to late: Fire Ceremony; Sunday: 10 am - 3pm. Bring: Drum, rattle, bandanna, journal, blanket, pen, bag lunches, warm clothing Prerequisite: Basic shamanic journey skills. Registration: To register please send a $50.00 non refundable deposit to Susan McClellan, PO Box 122, Pawlet, VT 05761 Email: Mydreamsong@aol.com for more information





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