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Susan, a native of Wales, is a shamanic practitioner, teacher, facilitator counselor and integrated life coach. Susan lives in Vermont. Susan facilitates women's circles online and in person. She has organized, and presented at, conferences on shamanism, alternative & complementary medicine, women's studies and other spiritually-oriented holistic studies. Susan is an adjunct faculty member for Burlington College in Vermont. She works with individuals, families and groups. She is a student analyst in training at the C. G Jung Institute in New York.

Services and Offerings
  Appointments are available with Susan in person, long distance or by telephone.

Susan's Credentials
  Her studies and credentials includes a three-year program for professional shamanic counselors with Michael Harner¬ís Foundation for Shamanic Studies; a seven-year training program with indigenous spiritual and shamanic teachers; nine years of core and cross-cultural shamanic studies which includes Celtic, Tibetan and Native American traditions. Susan has a B.A.in Transpersonal Psychology and a Masters degree in Transpersonal Studies from The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology based in CA. She has also studied Buddhist spiritual traditions and world religious philosophies generally. Besides Michael Harner, her teachers have included Larry Peters, Tom Cowan, Sandra Ingerman, Aama Bamboo, honored indigenous grandmother and Roshi Joan Halifax. Susan is adjunct faculty to Burlington College and is a guest presenter and teacher at Green Mountain College in VT. Susan has presented several times at the DE Womens Conference. As well as her counseling work Susan teaches shamanism locally in VT, PA & DE and in Europe.

  Additionally, Susan is certified in "The Conflict Partnership Processes for Effective Conflict Resolution and Relationship Building Processes and Practices", as taught by world renowned Peacekeeper author and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dudley Weeks.

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