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The site serves two purposes.

The first is informative, outlining the history and purpose of shamanism and providing a more detailed glimpse of the shamanic practices of specific cultures. For those new to shamanism, we recommended reading the Introduction, Core Shamanism , and Shamanism and Culture  pages, before visiting the pages devoted to and individual cultures. This will give you a basic framework from which to understand and explore these cultures.  Books and Resources  and Internet Links  will point you to other sources of information and teaching.

The second purpose of the site is keep you up-to-date with community news, events, workshops and trips. Please visit Susan's Teaching and News and Events  periodically for new listings

Core Shamanism

Susan is offering an intensive study in shamanism that includes core and cross cultural methods and disciplines. Year 1 focuses upon shamanism for self healing and integration of the shamanistic dimensions. Year 2 focuses upon the shamanic methods used when working with clients. Throughout this program initiations are introduced to strengthen the student into the deeper domains of the work. Contact Susan for more information. Myshamansong@aol.com
The Far North : Inuit

"I searched in the darkness, I was silent in the great silence of the dark. This is how I became an 'anguang' through visions and dreams and meetings with flying spirits... The ancient ones, dedicated their lives to the work of keeping the world in balance, they dedicated it to great things, immeasurable, enormous things."
-- Najagneq, Inuit Shaman
Native American

When the wind blows, that is my medicine.
When it rains, that is my medicine.
When it hails, that is my medicine.
When it becomes clear after the storm, that is my medicine.
-- by Wolf Collar, Shaman & Medicine Man (1870)

"Bridging the gap between the dead and the living, shamans obtained their vision, magic and healing power through dream-like trances."
Celtic Shamanism

"Three things that show a true human: a silent mouth, an incurious eye, and a fearless face."
-- Celtic Triad, courtesy of John F. Wright Commencing in 2009 East Coast Two Study in Celtic Shamanism with Tom Cowan. Contact Susan for more information.

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Native American
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